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Family Guy – Brian & Stewie (150th Episode Event)

Episodul asta este incredibil – cel mai bun de pana acum, din intreg sezonul 8! Nu are rost sa comentez, it’s a must see. Fox teasers si excerpt din plot mai jos.

YouTube teasers de la Fox:

Family Guy – Clip from Brian & Stewie (150th Episode Event)

Family Guy – Clip 2 from Brian & Stewie (150th Episode Event)

Family Guy – Clip 3 from Brian & Stewie (150th Episode Event)

Family Guy – Clip 4 from Brian & Stewie (150th Episode Event)

Plot excerpt:

“Brian and Stewie visit the local Quahog bank so that Brian can deposit holiday money in his safety deposit box. While they are still inside the vault, the door closes at the end of the work day and locks them inside until the next morning. Frightened, Stewie soils his diaper. Worried he will get a rash from the dirty diaper, Stewie desperately tries to make Brian eat his feces by threatening him with a gun that Brian had stored in his deposit box. […]

Stewie and Brian discuss The Dog Whisperer and Cesar Milan, and Brian gives an impassioned speech about dogs’ instinctive ability to live in the present and with purpose. Stewie, however, points out that Brian himself does not appear to live with any purpose. […]

After Brian calms down, Stewie asks him why he had the gun in the first place, eventually coaxing Brian into revealing that he kept the gun in case he had ever wanted to commit suicide. Brian confesses that he cannot find his purpose in life, and knowing he has the option of killing himself comforts him. Stunned, Stewie admits that Brian is the only member of the family whose company he actually enjoys, and the two eventually confess that they love each other. Stewie falls asleep as Brian reads David Copperfield by Charles Dickens to him. The following morning, the vault door opens and Brian quietly carries Stewie out of the room.”

Sursa: Wikipedia (aici gasiti plot complet & more, if interested)

Family Guy – Clip from Brian & Stewie (150th Episode Event)