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State of mind…

Rose – La Liste

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

Nouvelle Vague – Dance With Me

…inspirat de Leapsa pe muzici este la iLL.

10 of many

Din nou leapsa! Despina mi-a ridicat la fileu urmatoarea porunca: trebuie sa spun care sunt cele mai tari 10 albume pe care le am la indemana prin calculator. Raspund cu un smash pe coltul din dreapta, asa ca…

1. The Cat Empire – So Many Nights (2007)
2. Cunninlynguists – Dirty Acres (2007)
3. Tarja Turunen – My Winter Storm (2007)
4. Pink Martini – Hey Eugene! (2007)
5. Madita – Madita (2005)
6. Gotan Project – Lunatico (2006)
7. Jean Grae – The Orchestral Files (2007)
8. LMNO – Workethic (2007)
9. Sage Francis – Human The Death Dance (2007)
10. Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (2006)

That’s a rap. Fara obligatii, nu dau mai departe. Totusi, cei care vor pot face un pas in spate 🙂

Leapsa: 8 things I hate about myself


Nu stiu ce si cum am facut, dar m-am ales cu o leapsa asa ca “de casa noua” de la minunata Lorena – cea mai “user friendly” scriitoare contemporana. In blog-ul asta cica ar trebui sa scriu cele opt chestii din titlu, apoi sa imprastii napasta mai departe catre alte opt victime nevinovate. Sooo… let the leapsa begin:

1. Oricat de autoritar as incerca sa fiu, nivelul meu de ultra-sociabilitate imi da planurile peste cap. Damn!

2. Impart lucrurile in “cele ce nu le pot schimba” si “cele ce se pot schimba”, dar nu am intotdeauna “intelepciunea de a le putea distinge unele de altele”.

3. Cand ma lovesc cu capul de tavan incep sa ma intreb daca filosofia mea de viata are nevoie de zile de spitalizare.

4. Creaturile din jur ma influenteaza prea mult, asa ca uneori ma intreb daca merita ceea ce le ofer.

5. In captivitate devin mult prea resemnat, recomand lant lung si celula cu vedere la gradina si soare. Rog seriozitate.

6. In cazuri extreme devin insistent. A nu se hrani dupa miezul noptii.

7. Fac lucruri care nu ma pasioneza decat daca primesc directive clare. Ma urnesc greu, dar recuperez pe parcurs.

8. Sunt “de treaba”, profitati ca e super oferta. Imi amanetez viitorul la cerere.

Vor continua frumusetea globala a listelor de genul acesta urmatorii nefericiti: Miezulin Forte, kishcutia, B., Despina, Rita, didi, Alina si Alexandra S.

Bafta lor!

12/Dec/2006 Alte Tag-uri


Ca tot aveam eu lipsa de activitate pe-aici, m-am molipsit de la Miez cu niste tag-uri noi…
Tagu` nr unu.
1. Each player of this game has to answer the following questions honestly.
2. At the end he/ she need to tag 6 other people.
3. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “Tag…You’re it” and tell them to read your blog.

Where were you one hour ago? Acasa?!
Who will be your next kiss? Nu stiu, sunt vegetarian.
Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? Lots of things (pachet de servetele, butoanele fierului de calcat, post-it-uri, si hartii de 10 ron – roz pal)
When was the last time you went to the mall? Hypermarketurile se pun?! Mall-ul e o statie mai departe, Cora e vis-a-vis. In mall merg mai rar de o data pe luna, in Cora de 4-5 ori pe saptamana
Are you wearing socks right now? Brrr. Dap!
When was the last time you went out of town? Candva in noiembrie, with business.
Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? Nope. I have sharing clients
What was the last thing you had to drink? IceTea
What are you wearing now? Tricou si pantaloni scurti
Have you been in a car wash? Yeap
Last food you ate? Crochete de peste cu sos romoulade, cascaval si masline (asta mai aveam prin frigider)
Where were you last week on Saturday? Acas`, nothing special
Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? DA! Trei bluze nice de la Outlet
When was the last time you ran? Acum 3 zile, dupa 336, la TV, trebuia sa ajungem a.s.a.p. la business
What’s the last sporting event you watched? Jackass 2
What are/WERE your favorite classes? Engleza, filosofie, comunicare interna, etc.
Your dream vacation? Olanda, la anu’?!
Last 3 other people’s houses you were in? Marina, Para, si ai mei
How old are your parents? 47 & 49
Do you miss anyone & who? My past life…
Last play you saw? God, long time ago …stagiunea trecuta. Cafeneaua, la Bulandra.


Tagu` nr. duoi.

1. Setati-va winampu` pe shuffle.
2. Apasati forward pt fiecare intrebare.
3. Folositi titlul piesei respective ca raspuns pt intrebarea care vine la rand, chiar daca nu se potriveste. NU TRISATI!!!
4. Comentati daca si cum se potriveste.

1. How are you feeling today? KST feat. Ovidiu – A.C.A.B. (instrumental). No comment…
2. Will you get far in life? Method Man – Got To Have It. Zuper tare, chiar se potriveste.
3. How do your friends see you? Suie Paparude – White style
4. Will you get married? Ludacris – Freedom Of Preach. Bestial!!! …Cica sunt pe “searchin’…”
5. What is your best friend’s theme song? Xzibit – On bail …Cu siguranta nu, ca ar fi naspha.
6. What is the story of your life? Busta Rhymes – Cocaina
7. What was high school like? Nord – Secundul secundei. Total aiurea!
8. How can you get ahead in life? Vinnie Paz – Blades of Glory. Asa da, …vise, vise!
9. What is the best thing about your friends? Gnarls Barkley – Feng Shui. No shit! Chiar nu pot comenta la asta. Mai stii…
10. What is in store for this weekend? Vinnie Paz – When You Need Me feat. Apathy. Sa inteleg ca o sa fie un weekend cu “greutati” …Si eu care vroiam doar sa-mi iau adidasi.
11. What song describes you? N.E.R.D. – She Wants To Move. Uuuh, funky! Ma asteptam la ceva mai grav.
12. To describe your grandparents? Suie Paparude – Armada verbala. Cat de tare… ca tot vorbesc ei cam mult.
13. How is your life going? Boards of Canada – Gyroscope. Foarte boring, daca ascultati piesa. It fits well.
14. What song will they play at your funeral? Jay-Z – Dig A Hole. Nu se poate!!! …Pe bune, chiar n-am trisat.
15. How does the world see you? Atmosphere – I wish those cats at fobia would give me some free shoes. Mwhahhaaha!!!
16. Will you have a happy life? Suie Paparude – Dupa ore. Yeah right, I knew it, I knew it!
17. What do your friends really think of you? Vinnie Paz – Suckaz. Aaaa …Cred ca asta e ce cred eu despre ei.
18. Do people secretly lust after you? Immortal Technique – Bin Laden. “It wuz you nigga!”
19. How can I make myself happy? Jedi Mind Tricks – Temples Of Ice (Interlude) …Sa inteleg ca momentan nu stiu.
20.What should you do with your life? Ludacris – Money Maker (Feat. Pharrell). DAAAA!!!! …Stiam eu, G.O.D. lovesss meeee!!!

De tag-uit.

* Didi
* Rita;
* Victoria;
* Symonik;
* Cocolino (chiar daca e si de la Miez);
* Dan Spataru JR (chair daca e si de la Miez);

I’ve been tagged… by Alina (September 4, 2006)


Each player of this game starts with six weird things or habits about themselves.
People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things/habits as well as state these rules clearly to the others.
At the end you need to choose 6 other people to be tagged and list their names at the bottom of the blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “tag-you are it”, and tell them to read your blog and play the game.”

Sooo… hai sa vedem:

1. obisnuiesc sa explodez nervos atunci cand trebuie sa muncesc inutil
2. imi place sa ma uit dimineata la Duck Dodgers (pe Cartoon Network) 😀
3. nu-mi place sa fiu batut la cap, si urasc oamenii insistenti …Am zis NUUUU!!!
4. de 1 an incoa’ am devenit un materialist incurabil. Am deadline pana la 30 de ani: firma profitabila, cont grasan, vila, masina, model… (i-auzi Di, devii model) 😛
5. am 2 manii …ordinea si curatenia
6. nu reusesc sa scap de perfectionism, chiar si atunci cand nu e cazul…

Acum ca am terminat, tintele mele sunt…

Maria P
Psihopatul Sprancenat

Succes! 😀